Garrus Vakarian (dontknowgray) wrote in pradeda_logs,
Garrus Vakarian

Log 001 - ingenium, latin root of engine, engineer

Who: Garrus and THE ENGINEERING TEAM (Erde, Jaxx, Ash, Virgil, 'bots as helpers) with Riddick as helpful (not at all) commentary.
When: Day 2, mid-morning
Where: 3-D engineering.
What: The engineers go down to engineering to engine up something.
Rating: PG, probably. Maybe higher, depending on what kind of mouth Riddick has on him.
Warnings: None

(Doing this gathering style so as not to nail anybody to a strict posting schedule, but try to be mindful of your fellow crewmates and letting them get a word in.)

Garrus sent messages to the 'new' Engineering team and asked to meet down in the mess of engineering after Riddick's message. It seemed like a likely place to start, if one wanted to take control of the ship, though the hull breech was another thing they ought to discuss while they were down here. He was first among the mess, looking for Riddick -- not certain what to make of the laconic man, but hoping he wouldn't be added to the list of 'problem children' that Garrus wasn't looking forward to dealing with. He wasn't sure what he'd find down here.

Hoping for some answers, he activated his omni-tool and let it start scanning -- both for compatable systems and for life signs. You never knew what could be hiding around here...
Tags: garrus vakarian, kaylee frye, riddick, tieria erde, virgil hawkins | static
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