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Who: Everyone!
When: Day 1, as you wake up.
Where: starting at 2-B Cryo-chambers to different sections of the ship.
What: Welcome to the Pradeda
Rating: PG to PG-13, presumably.
Warnings: To be added as things go along.

You wake up somewhere unfamiliar.

The first thing you see when you open your eyes is a sheen of green that you've never encountered before. What is this? Where is this? As you move your hands, you realize that you're encased in a thick liquid of some kind- there is a mask on your face helping you breathe and you're wearing only enough to protect your dignity. However, before panic can set in your sluggish brain, the green liquid begins to drain to allow more freedom of movement. Soon enough the wall in front of you opens and deposits you, dressed only in what seems like a soaked hospital gown, onto the floor to test your unresponsive limbs.

The room is cold with mists swirling the floor and a section of the wall frozen over. When you can stand again, you follow the path down to the only door before you. Should you look back, you'll notice the pod that once held you is once again closed, and should you attempt to open any of the others, they won't budge. There are names on some of the pods. Names that may or may not be familiar to you.

Maybe you are alone. Maybe someone else has also stumbled out, shivering in the mists.

[[You're welcome to tag around in this log or just post your reactions to waking on the ship. There will be different rooms so please feel free to title your thread with where you are (Map section is always there to help!), but Letalis will only respond to the first 2 people who find him.

Log and/or action tags are both welcome!]]
Tags: agent washington, atton rand, chell, doctor rodney mckay, festina ramos, garrus vakarian, jack harkness, john egbert, john watson, kaylee frye, kurt wagner | nightcrawler, luca milda, madeline berry | veil, martha jones, michael j. caboose, navi, npc: letalis, nymta jaxx | revan, ororo munroe | storm, prince / feng lan, private leonard l. church, remilia scarlet, riddick, rose lalonde, roxas, ryoma echizen, spada belforma, tallahassee, tardis/idris, tavros nitram, thane krios, tweedle=dee & tweedle=dum, twilight sparkle, victor | anthony, virgil hawkins | static, vriska serket, warren peace, wheatley, wichita, †DAY 01
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