Captain Jack Harkness (cpt_51century) wrote in pradeda_logs,
Captain Jack Harkness

To Fullfil the Wishes Of The Dying

Who: Captain Jack Harkness + Anyone
When: Day 1, approximately 2 hours after the pods have started to spit people out.
Where: 1-A || The Bridge
What: Jack has just heard quite a lot about the troubles of the ship from Letalis about the state of the ship and is going to find the Pradeda's captain per the dying man's request.
Rating: PG-13 to R (Jack's naked)
Warnings: Cursing, nakedness....

Letalis said that Captain Ara'vashe was suppose to be on the bridge.  He also said a lot of things regarding a singularity and a disease but right now, Jack had to find the captain of this vessel, figure out where the escape pods were, run back to the cyro room and save the people he could and get the hell out of dodge.

But first things first.

Seasoned in space travel, though it hardly took any knowledge of such things to figure it out, Jack knew that the bridge was at the nose of the ship.  He closed his eyes after leaving the Canteen and the dying crewman to get a feel for the general momentum of the ship.  Easy.  That mean a left turn.  He was glad that he didn't have to break any codes to get inside and though many others might be stunned at the layout of the ship, Jack was a professional.  "Ara'vashe?  Dan?  Hello?  Anyone?"
Tags: atton rand, jack harkness, riddick, ryoma echizen, thane krios, †DAY 01
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